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Encode images in modern webp format

We’ll be using the libwebp library from the WebM Project to create compressed webp images.

The WebM Project is dedicated to developing a high-quality, open video format for the web that’s freely available to everyone.

We’re assuming the following:

*You may refer to this article for alternative installation instructions.

Install webp

    brew install webp

Basic Commands

Options with descriptions

    cwebp -longhelp

Lossy quality setting (75 is default)

    cwebp -q 50 source.jpg -o output.webp

Alpha transparency quality (100 default)

    cwebp -alpha_q 10 source.png -o output.web

Batch Processing

I’ve written a simple bash script to make things easier on msyelf.


1. Download the packaged files and extract in a convenient spot

2. Place your files into the ‘images’ directory


3. Open the terminal and CD into the ‘cwebp-cli’ directory, which will obviously vary based on where you put it. Here’s mine:

cd ~/Desktop/cwebp-cli

4. Run the script


5. Done! Your webp files can now be found in the ‘encoded’ directory

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